About Us

FedPlatform is a volunteer effort of active members of the Federal Cloud Community.

Cary Landis, Executive Director of FedPlatform, is founder and president of Virtual Global, Inc., a SaaS development and platform engineering company. He also serves as a principle cloud computing solutions architect at SAIC where he recommends strategies and technical approaches internally and to our customers. Cary is experienced with application migrations to Amazon Web Services (AWS); and every aspect of software development projects, including project planning, requirements, technical design, development, testing, demonstrations, training and deployments. Cary possesses extensive knowledge and experience leading SaaS and PaaS software engineering efforts. He has served in multiple technical leadership roles, including CIO at KeyLogic Systems; CIO at TMC Technologies; CIO at Marada Corporation; and project manager for the NASA Virtual Teams project.  Landis has served as lead architect for Virtual Global’s SaaS Maker™ application platform as a service (aPaaS); and previously served as product manager for NJVC’s Cloudcuity™ AppDeployer Platform as a Service. He helped The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) create its Reference Architecture for Cloud Computing.  As part of that effort, he led a NIST team to clarify the cloud service models (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS), and led the Federated Community Cloud committee. Landis served on the new Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF II) Working Group to create the new Application Reference Model. He coauthored ‘Cloud Computing Made Easy’ at cloudipedia.com, an easy-to-understand reference for cloud computing newbies. He has served as guest lecturer for George Mason University’s Cloud Computing course; and has served as a panel specialist for NIST at its Cloud Computing Workshops.

http://www.virtualglobal.com  |  cary.landis @fedplatform.org

Sergi Ghai, Assistant Director of FedPlatform, is VP Sales & Marketing at MCP Computer Products, Inc., a SBA certified 8a/Woman/minority owned business that provides IT equipment such as computers, notebooks, servers, networking equipment and related peripherals to the nation’s companies and federal agencies. MCP is partnering with Virtual Global to develop a cloud computing portfolio for its federal customers.  Sergi is a founding member.

http://www.mcpgov.com  |  sergi.ghai @fedplatform.org

Jan Levine, Director of Compliance at FedPlatform, is co-founder and serves as Chief Technology Officer at kloudtrack®, a technology and solution services company that offers simple, yet powerful and affordable, hosted Software-as-a-Service and Cloud (SaaS|Cloud) computing technologies tailored for governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) applications. Jan has been with kloudtrack® since its inception and has been the primary champion and architect of the kloudtrack® technology platform. In addition to his other leadership roles for NIST, Jan was the co-leader of the Strawman Committee that created the strawman from which the 11/2011 NIST Reference Architecture for the federal government was developed. Prior to joining kloudtrack®, Levine was President of Imageers, a software development, technology engineering and eCommerce company, specializing in Internet-based imaging, document management, enterprise content management, BPM/workflow and knowledge management systems. Clients included Arthur Andersen, Bank of China, Coty Cosmetics, Jefferson Pilot Securities Corporation (now Lincoln Financial Network), Simon and Schuster, and Tyco International.

http://www.kloudtrack.com  |  jan.levine @fedplatform.org

John Gaffigan, director of member relations, is Verio’s North American Sales Manager covering franchise entities, banks and financial services, insurance, health-care providers, telecom and cable organizations and ISVs. Verio provides a comprehensive catalog of managed service solutions, including virtualized IT, application hosting, SaaS and cloud services brokerage. Verio is the world’s largest domain-based web hosting company, and is an industry renown global provider of comprehensive business internet services to the world’s largest telecommunications and cable services companies. Verio’s portfolio of offerings can be procured directly or white label private branded via strategic partners.  John is also a director for AFCEA Energy (www.afceaenergy.org) responsible for educational outreach, fostering an appreciation of STEM disciplines to schools.

http://www.linkedin.com/in/johngaffigan  |  john.gaffigan @fedplatform.org

F. Brett Berlin is a computer scientist with over 30 years experience as a consultant, technologist and technology executive. He also is Chief Technology Advisor to the International Internet Telephone Organization (IITO); is a Vice President of the Washington DC Region Chapter of the Internet Society (DCISOC), and serves as a member of: the International Advisory Board of the Institute for Business and Technology Ethics (IBTE), the Security Architecture Review Panel for the U.S. Treasury Financial Management Service’s Secure Payment System (currently under development by High Performance Technologies, Inc.(HPTi), the ENUM Forum of the IETF, and the Advisory Board of the Virginia China Technology Business Council (VCTBC). He serves as an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at George Mason University. Until recently, he was Chief Scientist of WareOnEarth Communications, Inc., a leader in internet information assurance, and in Trusted Information Exchange for secure peer-to-peer communication. Previously, he held positions as Vice President, Government Relations, Cray Research, Inc.; Vice President, Strategy and Government Affairs, Kendall Square Research; Corporate Director, Strategic Program Development, Rockwell International; and as an Air Force computer scientist.